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A South African start-up to launch an ICO “Advertiza”




A South African start-up to launch an ICO to raise funds for the completion of the development and marketing of a life changing advertising Android/iOS app “Advertiza”
Digital advertising South African company, Advertiza Holding (Pty) Ltd, to soon announce the launch of an ICO which seeks to raise funds to assist the company to complete the development and marketing a digital advertising platform “Advertiza”, which offers benefits to everyone in an advertising value chain.
Advertiza Holding (Pty) Ltd is an innovative digital advertising company that is looking to change the advertising game as it launches Advertiza, a mobile app that focuses on helping advertisers reach their target audience, while also ensuring that app users receive some form of benefit through a cash reward programme. Speaking to the founder, Jabu Masombuka, he says the idea behind Advertiza is to make everyone in the advertising value chain (i.e. Advertiser, Consumer, and Publisher) benefit from the advertising campaign.




Jabu Masombuka – Founder & CEO
(B.Sc Computer Science/MSc Strategic Quality Management/Commonwealth Scholar
The app is particularly unique as it looks to integrate the blockchain technology with digital advertising. A crypto currency called TIZACOIN will be used to transact within Advertiza. TIZACOIN smart contract was developed based on ERC-20 standard which will allow the purchase of TIZA tokens by exchanging ETHEREUM. As a start 1 ETH will buy 5000 TIZA token. Only 50 million TIZA tokens will be made available during the ICO sale phase which will be launched before the end of 3rd Quarter of 2018 (August). When the app is put in operation the coins will be used for buying advertising slot, for users to earn TIZACOINS through scanning QR code while shopping from businesses which are registered on app, and to earn 10% commissioned earned by users from their referrals when they purchase an advertising price plan. No new coins shall be printed after the ICO sale, only the 50 million shall be in circulation. Investors are encouraged to buy TIZA tokens during the ICO sale phase as owning a TIZACION will have greater return on investment when the app is launched in the fourth quarter of 2018 as the coin will be on demand to advertisers. Users who wants to benefit from Advertiza’s cash reward programme active participation is required. There are two ways users can earn TIZACOINS on Advertiza:

1. Through scanning a QR Code from a business which uses Advertiza while shopping.

2. Through earning 10% commission of every price plan purchased by their business referrals. The app gives advertisers/businesses a global exposure as it is built in a decentralized blockchain ledger platform accessible through Android and iOS.

The plan is to launch the ICO in the 3rd Quarter of 2018 followed by the app launched in Quarter four the same year. The first phase (publish ad, scan QR code, redeem TIZACOINS, view/search ads, view referrals, view transactions history, edit profile, and view business invoices) of the app is currently being tested planned to be completed on the 17th of August 2018. The second phase of the app which allows real-time reservations of accommodation product is planned to start in the first quarter of 2019.

Jabu indicates that Blockchain technology offers a lot of great opportunities for technological advancement. He further sees the concept of crypto currency as still being foreign and difficult to understand for many consumers. He says this is mainly because there are a few blockchain based solutions intended for consumers. Many consumer specific blockhain solution are found in the gaming arena. Although many challenges are still experienced in the crypto currency market, he is confident the crypto currencies and blockchain technology is becoming the future. Therefore, Jabu sees Advertiza app as a mechanism to introduce and help educate consumers about blockchain technology crypto currencies.

With all the growth prospects for digital marketing blockchain offers an unprecedented opportunity for advertising market to grow even further, says the founder. Advertiza aims to improve the digital marketing and advertising by using the advantages offered through blockchain technology. The goal of Advertiza is to bring cryptocurrency and advertising to everyone who uses the platform, from a small tuck/spaza shop just starting their business to a multinational company who wants to have a global reach. The aim is to provide a financial ecosystem which allow money to circulate between the hands of Advertiza’s active participants to benefit in the advertising campaign. Money will be taken from advertisers through the selling of ad space and given back to consumers while shopping from the same businesses, Jabu claims.